"Two things have given me a lot in life, hockey and my parents. With this brand, that shares the namesake of my hockey haven, I hope in some way I can begin to give back. To do so, we give 5% of all profits at Warroad.com to two very important organizations. First, Warroad Youth Hockey... to help the next 10 year old kid with the same dream I had; and second to the The Alzheimers Association (alz.org), the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research."

$40,000 raised for Alzheimers research

In addition to these donations, TJ Oshie and the WARROAD brand also partner with ADDF (alzdiscovery.org), Super Service Challenge (superservicechallenge.com), and NTConcepts (ntconcepts.com) each year to host a Broomball Tournament in D.C. for Alzheimers research. In February of 2020, this event raised over $40,000 for this cause.