New USA Hockey Neck Protection Rule Effective in: 11 days | Be Ready With TILO
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Who we are

Warroad is a hockey company, renowned for its uncompromising focus on player performance, safety and recovery.

Warroad began in 2018, when founder TJ Oshie started lending insider knowledge about what NHL players truly need to play at the highest level. In partnering with brand creators and product experts, Warroad instantly had a wealth of experience in technical product and hockey knowledge.

Obsession with Quality

Our obsession with quality comes from our belief that technical hockey apparel deserves progressive design ideals, technical materials and modern constructions. Cut Resistant. Anti-Bacteria. Moisture control. Fast dry. Ultra-lightweight. Durable. If a garment isn’t right for hockey it doesn’t exist.

The team behind Warroad is a multidisciplinary team of experts that love hockey. They are laser focused on altering the perception of hockey apparel.

"Warroad Minnesota brought out my true love for the game of hockey. With the daily access to ice, the competitiveness the players brought out in each other, and the passion for the game. I gained all of this from Warroad.”

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