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TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR
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TILO Pro Stock Top - SR/JR


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Checkmark Peace of mind for you & your loved ones with blade cut protection.
Checkmark Fights odor, bacteria, and skin irritation to keep you fresh & game ready.
Checkmark Battle-tested by the pros in real NHL action.
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  • Description

    Introducing TILO™ — tight in the arms, loose on the body. The most advanced, revolutionary hockey performance and protection top ever created. Engineered by the best players in the world with their preferred fit in mind. Featuring Cutlon® Cut-Resistant material (15x stronger than steel) built into the wrists to protect you from blade cuts. The fabric is inter-woven with Ionic+® silver thread that actively releases positively charged ions to attack bacteria and viruses, eliminate odor, and protect against skin irritation.


    • Cutlon® Cut-Resistant wrist protection
    • Ionic+® Silver threads woven into garment
    • Constructed of breathable poly 4-way stretch mesh
    • Tight in the sleeves, loose on the body performance fit
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Game-changing design for peak performance.

Game-changing design for peak performance.

Revolutionary blade cut protection.

Our Cutlon® material is woven with yarn that’s 15x stronger than steel- so you can focus on the game while we focus on keeping you safe.

Ionic+® patented threading fights bacteria

Woven with 99.9% pure natural silver fiber, TILO protects you from fungi, mold, and skin irritation by actively attacking bacteria as soon as moisture is detected.

Tight in the arms, loose in the body.

We know your game isn’t limited to just the ice. So we make top line gear for every aspect of the hockey lifestyle.

Secure payment SOLD OUT $129.00
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Trusted by the Best in the World

Polygon Arrow Approved by Josh Morrissey
Polygon Arrow Approved by Brock Nelson
Polygon Arrow Approved by Tom Wilson
Polygon Arrow Approved by TJ Oshie
Polygon Arrow Approved by Josh Morrissey
Polygon Arrow Approved by Tom Wilson
Polygon Arrow Approved by Brock Nelson
Polygon Arrow Approved by TJ Oshie

Customer Reviews

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William Gallagher


Matthew Guindine
Great shirt

Shirt is extremely light and comfortable and fits very well

A MUST for my players

I had been looking at purchasing these for my boys… but life happens and we hadn’t gotten around to it. Unfortunately, one of my players got a cut on his wrist. Scariest moment of my life: Seeing blood gushing down his arm as he skates towards me! I squeezed the heck out of his wrist, blood covering my hands as we seek medical attention. With the help of an off duty EMT that happened to be there, we managed to get the bleeding under control and made our way to the ER. Luckily, the cut wasn’t deep enough to cause any nerve or tendon damage. As I sat with my son in the ER, while he got 6 internal and 7 external stitches, I ordered two of these for my boys. Don’t wait until you need them. Buy it now!

Kim patrick
Fit was not right on the arms from wrist to elbow

Loved the rest of the fabric but the fabric on the arms from the sleeve to the elbow was too tight and thick and restrictive


Great fit and feel, wish it had elbow pad grip features added to it.

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Secure payment SOLD OUT $129.00
Secure payment

Worn & endorsed by the pros.

Premium materials, hockey-tough construction.

Fast shipping, free returns.

Proudly born in Hockeytown, USA.

Explore the TILO Pro Stock CR Top


Products that provide “cut resistance” and “cut protection” do not completely prevent

or eliminate the potential for cuts or punctures, and are not intended or tested to provide protection against powered blades,

serrated or other sharp or rotating equipment. Any information or data provided is based upon Warroad’s current knowledge and

understanding of the subject matter, and is offered solely as a possible suggestion for use in making your own decisions or product choices.

TILO™ by Warroad products are highly cut-resistant. Our products are not 100% cut-proof. Nothing is 100% cut-proof under all conditions.

While the TILO™ collection does provide the best protection available, wear our products with caution. While they do provide

extreme resistance to cuts, objects could penetrate them at any given time or in any situation.

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