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TILO Pro Padloc Neck & Wrist Top - SR/JR

ti·lo /tī ˌ lō/ · noun - tight in the arms, loose on the body


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Checkmark Peace of mind for you & your loved ones with blade cut protection.
Checkmark Adjustable, padded cut resistant neck collar for comfort and safety.
Checkmark Padloc Sleeve secures your elbow pads to keep your reaction time fast.
Checkmark BNQ safety certified for international play
Checkmark BNQ safety certified for international play
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Peace of mind for you & your loved ones with blade cut protection.

Fully adjustable, for a safe, comfortable, precise fit.

Constructed from top-rated, cut-resistant materials.

Padloc Sleeve secures your elbow pads to keep your reaction time fast.

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    This new base layer is made for players who want both top-rated protection and elite performance.

    The TILO Neck and Wrist +Padloc gives you full 360-degree skate-cut defense around your neck and forearms. It features an adjustable neck collar built from premium grade cut resistant fabric and high-impact foam. This collar is designed to help deflect and absorb the impact of skate blades, sticks, or elbows to your neck and clavicle. The built-in cut-resistant wrist protection is made from 15X stronger than steel, flexible Cutlon®. 

    This shirt also features our proprietary Padloc system, invented by TJ Oshie. The Padloc holds your elbow pads in place so they don’t shift or slide. This prevents your pads from interfering with your shot or stickhandling and keeps your reaction time sharp.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jen White
You never know when it will be you

I ordered the N&W Top for my son after he took a blade to the neck. A player fell and his blade went up in the air hitting my son in the neck, total fluke. The Dr said he was extremely lucky. Blade almost hit a major nerve and trachea. Can’t take that chance again.

Michael Chiellino

TILO Pro Padloc Neck & Wrist Top - SR/JR

Marc Kravitz
Must Buy!!

### Warroad Tilo Padloc Neck & Wrist Top Review

After a freak hockey accident where I cut my own wrist with my skate blade (yes, it’s possible!), I became acutely aware of the vulnerabilities we face as hockey players. Despite wearing comprehensive protective gear like elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmets, and shin guards, there is a glaring lack of protection for our exposed skin. In a sport that prizes speed and agility, it's essential to acknowledge the risks we take every time we hit the ice. Skate blades are exactly that—blades. And they *will* cut you.

Reflecting on my accident, which occurred during a collision with the goalie after a failed breakaway, I can't help but think how different things might have been if I had been wearing the Warroad Tilo Padloc Neck & Wrist Top. The recent and tragic death of Adam Johnson from a cut to the throat only reinforced my resolve to find effective protective gear. After extensive research, I chose the Warroad Tilo Neck and Wrist Top.

Initially, I had several reservations about wearing the top. I worried it would be hot, restrictive around the neck, and come with a host of other drawbacks. To my pleasant surprise, it was the exact opposite. The material they use actually keeps me cool; as you sweat, the top cools the skin—absolutely genius. The fit is incredibly comfortable, even for someone with a “dad bod” like mine.

The only drawback I’ve found is the cost. While I'm fortunate enough to afford this product, I understand that the price can be a significant deterrent for many. However, consider this: a hospital bill is far more expensive than this top, not to mention the unthinkable cost of a life lost. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but that’s the stark reality. This product has the potential to save lives.

I’m not a paid spokesperson and rarely give reviews, but this is too important to ignore. Every hockey player should have this product, regardless of age. I only hope that in the future, Warroad can make it more affordable.

Thomas Lusich
Upgraded from Padloc with Wrist protection

I’ve used this for 3 weeks now after upgrading from the padlock and using a detached neck guard. This is significantly an upgrade. The new material on the wrists appears to be higher grade, the the convenience of the all in one padlock, wrist, and neck is very convenient. When I started to use a neck guard I found it easy to forget in my bag, I would remember right after warmup and have a mini uh oh moment. Having it all in one piece seems to prevent all of that. As for the neck guard itself it is very comfortable, and doesn’t irritate the hair on my neck as much as others. You can make it as snug or loose as you want as it has some room to adjust with the Velcro. So far I’m a big fan. You basically forget it’s there which is what I was hoping for.


I have been playing hockey for 30 plus years and this is one of the best pieces of clothing I’ve ever worn…you don’t even feel the neck guard

Trusted by Pros in Every NHL Locker Room

TJ Oshie

Washington Capitals

Tom Wilson

Washington Capitals

Brock Nelson

New York Islanders

Matthew Knies

Toronto Maple Leafs

Josh Morrissey

Winnipeg Jets

Jared Spurgeon

Minnesota Wild

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety

“We worked with textile scientists for over two years on this fabric, and we finally got it right. Playing every day in the NHL, I have seen far too many players suffer injuries due to severe cuts that could have been avoided. TILO is what I wear every game. I won’t take the ice without it”. - TJ Oshie

TJ Oshie
Washington Capitals

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Worn & endorsed by the pros.

Premium materials, hockey-tough construction.

Fast shipping, free returns.

Proudly born in Hockeytown, USA.

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