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Warroad Original Hockey Co. is rooted in elite hockey and the training, traveling, and social lifestyle of the world’s competitive athletes.

We have created the First Line Ambassador Program to allow us to connect with the hockey and athletic community in ways we haven’t previously. Our goal is to elevate your sport regimen and lifestyle, and spread the message of the brand.

Who qualfies for this program? This program is available for qualified athletes and hockey players, outfitters, influencers and sport industry professionals with the purpose of spreading and promoting the Warroad brand. All applications are subject to approval. 

What are the perks? Incentives include deep discounts on Warroad apparel and accessories so you can put them to the test against your routine, insider access to pre-release ordering, and special deals for your friends and family.

*Please set your social media profiles to Public so we can get to know you better!


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