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Throughout history the Warroad was the road the warriors knowingly took into the next battle.  

Modern day Warroad, Minnesota has embodied the true culture of hockey in its purest form for decades.  Warriors battle here too…. this place, where the traditions are the strongest, the weather the coldest and the people the most passionate about HOCKEY!  It is this place, this game and those that commit and sacrifice for a dream….this is what inspires us.

Our goal at Warroad Hockey is to combine modern technical performance with the strong traditions of the game.  Design and build gear with a modern hockey vibe that looks and fits great. Our debut Warroad collection gets you to and from the rink; the long bus rides, the airports…the hockey journey filled with adversity and celebration…everything for the warriors road.

For us, it is all about the love of hockey, the stories that become legends, the crazy players that become lifelong friends and the game that shapes you as a person from a young age.

 Our co-founder said it best…

"Warroad Minnesota brought out my true love for the game of hockey. With the daily access to ice, the competitiveness the players brought out in each other, and the passion for the game. I gained all of this from Warroad.”
      - TJ Oshie

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