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"Two things have given me a lot in life, hockey and my parents. With this brand, that shares the namesake of my hockey haven, I hope in some way I can begin to give back. To do so, we give 5% of all profits at to two very important organizations. First, Warroad Youth Hockey... to help the next 10 year old kid with the same dream I had;  and second to the The Alzheimers Association (, the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research." — TJ Oshie

In addition to these donations, TJ Oshie and the WARROAD brand also partner with ADDF (, Super Service Challenge (, and NTConcepts ( each year to host a Broomball Tournament in D.C. for Alzheimers research. In February of 2020, this event raised over $40,000 for this cause.

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