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This injury should NOT be part of hockey

Posted by Kyle Jordan on
This injury should NOT be part of hockey


The events I am about to share are a bit graphic.

But I need to share this story for a reason. Because it could save you, your child, or a loved one from a horrific experience.

This past June, a 14-year-old Bantam player was playing in his spring hockey league when a play that occurs almost every shift of every game went horribly wrong.

He collided with an opponent while driving to the net.

The two players fell to the ice and slid into the boards… and that’s when it happened.

His forearm got pinned under his opponent’s skate blade. The blade tore through his arm, severing his tendons, his radial artery, and his median nerve.

Fortunately, there were medical professionals at the game who were able to treat his profuse bleeding.

But no doubt, this was more than an alarming accident. It could have been life-threatening.

One of the doctors who examined the young man’s injury likened it to a “combat wound.”

Now - the good news here is this.

This young man’s surgery was a success.

The nerve damage is the most severe and difficult part of his recovery. (Nerve regeneration is a slow process.)

His mother reports he’s working hard in occupational therapy with one goal in mind - To get back on the ice with his teammates.


But here’s the part that makes me sick to my stomach.

Blade-cut injuries and protection are not discussed much in hockey circles. It's taboo. And there tends to be an old-school mentality about avoiding the subject.

Because this protection isn't required and isn't discussed...

... The parents of the young man who was injured had NO IDEA they could protect their kid from such an injury.

Even though they were customers of Warroad - they didn't know about our skate-cut resistant gear!

When I found that out, I felt my knees buckle.

How could I have failed a customer … a teammate like that?

It’s unacceptable. And it defeats the mission of creating the top-rated skate cut protection gear in the sport.

Now you can see why I needed to tell you about this. I would feel like I let you down if I didn’t.

So, here is my promise to you... and how I can use your help.

Although It's hard to hear about injuries like the one suffered by the young Bantam player, I am going to talk about these stories and share them with you.

If I can save even one player from this type of trauma, it will be worth it.

I mean, I get it. I played the game. We are all tough.

But at this point, playing without blade cut protection is like driving without a seatbelt.

You never plan to need it. Yet, when you do, it could save your life.

No matter what level you play at, (youth, pro, or adult), please protect yourself.

And if you don’t play the game… I bet you know someone who does.

Please share this message with them. Forward it to them. Help me get the word out skate-cut protection.

I do NOT want to let our community down again.

It’s painful enough hearing these stories, let alone knowing I might have done more to prevent them.

Thanks for listening and for helping.

You can learn more about TILO blade cut resistant wear here.

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