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T.J.'s Answers: Favorite Amateur Hockey Moments

Posted by Kyle Jordan on
T.J.'s Answers: Favorite Amateur Hockey Moments

Off-ice moments can impact a young player's hockey career as much as anything that happens on the ice.

In this week’s edition of T.J.’s Answers, Osh shares two of his most significant experiences in hockey before he turned pro.

One of these moments is enshrined in Warroad High School hockey history.

The other - an off-ice behind-closed-doors meeting that led to an epic turnaround.

Here is this week’s fan questions and T.J.’s unfiltered answer:

Fan Question: “What was your favorite hockey moment prior to professional hockey?” 

T.J.'s Answer: “There are two.

The first - assisting on the State Championship winning goal my senior year. I remember calling the face-off to set up a play I had used in Pee-Wees. I pushed the puck through the other center’s legs. The goalie came out to poke-check it. But I was able to dive and knock the puck to my teammate, Aaron Marvin, for the winning goal. 

"My other favorite moment was after a tough series in college. We (North Dakota) had just got swept in back-to-back games by Michigan Tech. Right After our second loss, we had a 45-minute closed-door meeting. Everyone on the team got a chance to speak their mind and share what they wanted from the season and the team. Following that series, we had a break for the holidays. After we came back, we won almost every game and played our way to the frozen four.”

It is always fascinating to hear the real story of how a team came together to save their season.

Maybe we’ll have to start a new series called “Behind the Hockey.”

OK - now it’s your turn to share again.

If you’re up for it, share your favorite hockey moments in the comments on this post.

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