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T.J.’s Answers: “What I learned from Dan Hinote”

Posted by Kyle Jordan on
T.J.’s Answers: “What I learned from Dan Hinote”

A few weeks back, we gave our community the opportunity to ask our co-founder, T.J. Oshie, “anything.”

We received 100s of questions.

And last week, T.J. sat down and answered as many of those questions as he could.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share all T.J.’s in-depth and fascinating answers with you here, on the Warroad Blog.

So if you want to hear what T.J. really thinks, get an insider look at his training routine or how he prepares for game day… make sure to follow along!

Today’s Q&A is about positivity and attitude.

It’s no secret T.J. is known for being a source of upbeat energy for his team. He received 25% of the vote in the Locker Room Legend category of this year’s NHL fan choice awards.

But, where T.J. learned to be a motivator for his teammates might surprise you.

Here's Today's fan question...

Question: "How do you remain so positive and enthusiastic in seemingly all that you do? (Thanks for playing the way you do for us in Washington. You’re my favorite!)"

T.J.’s Answer: "Hockey is still a game to me. I get to do what I love and what I always dreamt of doing.

Also, when I was playing with Dan Hinote in St. Louis, he and I both went out with high ankle sprains. I was ready to come back a couple of weeks before he was. So, he asked me to take on his role of getting the team pumped up before the game. He was the one who taught me to always bring enthusiasm and positivity to the rink and check any negativity at the door.

You never know what someone else is going through. But if you can be positive, it catches on."

Dan Hinote played 9 years in the NHL. His last season with St. Louis was T.J.’s rookie year.

T. J. Oshie, St. Louis Blues

Dan was a Stanley Cup champ with the Avalanche in 2001.

Interesting fact - He was also the first player ever drafted from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Dan bestowed his lesson to T.J. about transferring positive energy to your teammates and leaving any negative distractions behind when you head to the rink.

And, T.J. carried what he learned from Dan on to Washington, where he helped his team capture the Stanley Cup.

Quite a nice champion-to-champion legacy.

Transfer of positive energy is also one of our design tenants at Warroad.

When we developed the New Training Collection, one of our primary goals was to help your body reduce negative momentum and create as much positive energy as possible.

So we added features like:

  • A 90% modal to give you breathability and comfort.
  • Microfiber that doesn’t just wick away sweat… it captures it and dissipates it into the air.
  • Internal Y-Tape, so your waistband never catches while doing cleans, snatches, or other exercises in the gym.
  • Ionic+ that kills skin-irritating bacteria on contact. (If you ever get sweat rashes, microbes trapped between your skin and clothing are likely the cause. Ionic+ kills those germs.)

Whether you’re leading your team on the ice… pushing the boundaries in the gym... or just trying to maintain your best energy throughout your day…

Warroad Training Collection

...The Training Collection is engineered to help you harness the positive and leave the negative behind.

You can check out the New Collection here: The Training Collection

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