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Behind the Scenes: T.J. Oshie's Pregame Routine

Posted by Kyle Jordan on
Behind the Scenes: T.J. Oshie's Pregame Routine

You might be surprised to find out just how relaxed T.J. Oshie’s pregame routine is.

In this quick video, T.J. walks you through how he gets ready for show time.

Check it out:


As you heard, T.J. keeps it pretty laid back leading up to game time.

But what he didn't entirely reveal is...

... which Warroad gear is part of his relaxed yet focused pre-game prep?

The sweats he mentioned, they are the Blade Techs: 

T.J. Blade Tech Joggers

The shorts… he loves the Drop-Ins pre and post-game:

The Drop-In Shorts

The shirt, the Dryland Tee:

Dryland Shirt - T.J.

Then when it’s time to gear up, the Padloc Pro and the TILO Bottoms:


And, although he likes to change up his footwear come playoff time…

…in-season he pulls on the Gameday Socks.

Gameday socks

Also, this year, you're likely to see T.J. sporting our brand new Blade Tech Pullover while he’s enjoying his pre-game cup of joe:

Blade Tech Pull Over

We designed the Blade Tech Pullover to be THE pregame sidekick you’ll want to see hanging in your stall, next to your jersey, when you get to the rink.

It’ll keep your muscles warm and ready to go while you loosen up in the training room.

You can slip it on to keep yourself calm and ready while you're waiting for the coach to read the night’s starting lineup.

And it’s perfect for wearing on the road when you bus it to an out-of-town match-up.

The Blade Tech was made for life at the rink.

But it’s got a fit that will give your game a little swagger when you wear it around town.

You can learn more about the Brand New Blade Tech Pullover here:

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