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Taking the Youth OG Hoodie On-ICE with Alexis Williams

Posted by Kyle Jordan on
Taking the Youth OG Hoodie On-ICE with Alexis Williams

A fresh sheet of ice, untouched - hard and crisp to the first cut of your skate blade.

An endless pile of pucks.

No structure, no defined drills. No limits (other than the boards).

A full rink to create, experiment, and invent new moves.

As a youngster, this is where you truly learn to build your skills.

Alexis Williams is one of those young players with an insatiable passion for our sport.

You’ll find him working his game everywhere and anywhere he can.

Recently, Alexis took us on the ice with him to show us the skills he’s been building this summer…

… And to show how the Youth OG hoodie performs.

Our Youth OG Hoodie is perfect for a no-pad skate.

It’s made from our durable yet flexible pre-shrunk poly-cotton blend that doesn’t limit your movement.

So you can wear it at the rink OR on the rink OR anywhere else you want to be comfortable.

You can add the Youth OG Hoodie to your line up here:

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Sold out

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