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Win the top-secret training and recovery tools the PROs use

The Hypervolt is the secret weapon pro athletes around the world are using to speed up their recovery, reduce muscle fatigue, and expand their window of peak performance.

But the Hypervolt isn’t just for the pros...

It was actually designed to help the everyday athlete.

The Hypervolt’s simple handheld technology makes it the perfect recovery tool for the gym, home, or office.

And, It’s so easy to use. Amateurs and weekend warriors alike can benefit from its muscle revitalizing powers. We tested the Hypervolt with our Warroad athletes, and they love it.

So we teamed up with Hyperice to give away a Hypervolt Plus to one lucky Warroad follower!

By opting into our giveaway you’ll have a chance to win this elite muscle recovery tool.

The Hypervolt retails for $349...

(Which means winning this giveaway can save you a nice chunk of change).

Also, when you enter your email above to register, you’ll find out how to earn extra entries.

Our confirmation email will fill you in all the details and show how to increase your odds of winning.

The giveaway winner will be announced on June 14th. So enter now to maximize your chance to win.

You can join the giveaway by signing up with your email address above.



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